Ultraman ULTRA-FAN! ūüĎć

‚Äč have done a terrible thing… I have COMPLETELY re-hooked myself on the #Ultraman Franchise. It’s become even more enchanting than when I first discovered it, all those years ago. 
To those of you who are curious, Ultraman is a wonderful creation from Japan. Ultraman is a “Tokusatsu” (Heavy, non-CGI, Special effects) and “Super Sentai” (like the Power Rangers) series in which it features a hero, Ultraman, who, in most cases, has come from space to protect the Earth from other giant, Alien Kaiju (Giant Monsters, often a man in a rubber suit, like godzilla) who plan to destroy Earth. It’s very reminiscent of the Power Rangers to some because a hero in a suit fights off another rubber-suited monster while destroying a scale-model city, all while being aimed at children, and chalk full of morals and healthy life lessons (However, Ultraman came much, much earlier circa 1960). 
Due to the duration of time the show has aired (roughly 60 years) Ultraman has had many exciting incarnations, different forms, and nearly a new storyline, using the Ultra-Alien Species, every three years. This has left me glued to one of my various screens almost incessantly for the last week or so. I’m excited to say, I’m still not even half way through all the various versions and incarnations that exist… even after a week of watching. I’m currently watching: “Ultraman: Mebius”, “Ultraman: Orb”, and “Ultraman: Ginga”. All of which, are excellent.
As a YouTuber already… this gave me an idea. Ultraman has a very niche, very cult-like following and yet very little representation on the net. I plan to change that. I have decided to do a YouTube channel based around Ultraman and tailored for Ultra-Fans. Now, I know this won’t be for everyone… but that’s kind of the point. I want to appeal to those who are as fanatical as I; those who crave ULTRA-EVERYTHING as much as I do. 
I am very excited to begin work on this and I hope that some of you will be open-minded enough to check it out as well. Nothing is better than creating something based around something you are passionate about. I can’t wait to meet all the Ultra-Fans! ūüėČ‚úĆ


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He’s our hero: ULTRAMAN

This is an edit I did of one of my favorite Ultraman Hyatt pictures.

Smoke and explosions can be seen rising from a metropolis as a huge, alien-like monster stomps and crashes about in Japanese Kaiju Glory. A group of officers, dressed in Orange Uniforms, fire lazers at the monster from Energy Pistols but don’t seem to be effecting him any. All of a sudden, one of the officers holds up a blinking wand and, in a technicolor flash, grows into a red and silver, glowing eyed avenger called Ultraman. Ultraman, the avatar the officer has become, is an alien from the Planet Ultra, located in the Nebula M78. Now that the officer had become this alien avenger, he engages in an epic battle with the monster, subduing him in the nick of time with his “Attack Ray”. Ultraman then flys off to a safe location, away from his fellow officers to return to his human form, and maintain his Alien secret.

The storyline is fairly homogenous from episode to episode but the Ultraman Series maintains a entertaining, light-hearted nature one rarely encounters in the present. The show, a visual effects pioneer of it’s time, contains some of the best in Kaiju movie effects and repeatedly shows how effective a man in a rubber suit, smashing around a model city can be.

I have been a huge fan of this series, the character and ALL of its MANY spinoff’s, since I first stumbled across the complete Ultraman Hayata Collection in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart. I had never heard of the show but I’d always had a huge soft spot for Japanese Media and old, classic cinema so I figured I’d buy it (plus, it was only $5.00). As a ninety’s kid, baptised by The Ninja Turtles and The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, this show hit a special spot for me. It screamed to my inner child and they became fast friends. I found myself watching the episodes over and over, switching disks when finished and later coming back to the very same disc after all the others were completed. The Complete Collection became one of my most valuable possessions, and one of my most valuable DVD’s. Not for its monetary value but for it’s sentimental value. I had become an Ultraman fanatic. I quickly branched out and learned as much as I could about the character, about it’s universe, and about the brilliant minds that gave the idea life.

Ultraman¬†is a Japanese¬†Tokusatsu¬†(Meaning: “Special Filming” or Special Effects Film) T.V. series that origionally aired in 1966.¬†Ultraman¬†is a successor to the T.V series¬†“Ultra Q”, allthough not technically a sequel or spin-off. The show was produced by theTsuburaya Productions, and was broadcast from July 17, 1966 to April 9, 1967, and had a total of 39 episodes (40, counting the pre-premiere special episode that aired on July 10, 1966).

Although¬†Ultraman¬†is the first series to feature an Ultra-Hero, it is actually the¬†second¬†show in the¬†Ultra Series. Ultra Q¬†was the first. In fact,¬†the Ultraman show opens with the¬†Ultra Q¬†logo morphing into the¬†Ultraman¬†logo.¬†Ultraman was a huge hit and became a major pop culture phenomenon in Japan, spawning dozens of sequels, spin-offs, imitators, parodies and remakes. Variants of the show are still being made today… and they are amazing.

If you get the chance, I would highly suggest you search around YouTube, Hulu, Netflix or Google for an episode of the show and do yourself the favor and treat yourself to some good, classic entertainment.

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BREAKING NEWS! EgyptAir Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo ‘disappears from radar’

This is a phot of the jet that went missing, carrying 66 passengers.

Upon checking the “Facebook Trending” tab this morning, I saw something that deeply saddened me.  It appears another Passenger jet has now gone missing…

… Somehow…

It was only announced about a half hour ago so much is still unknown. What is known is that the #EgyptAir Passenger plane, MS804, has disappeared from radar during it’s travel from Paris To Cairo. On board were 66 passengers.

As I type this, and am currently checking the news they have released information stating that an Egyptian Military Unit did receive a distress signal from the vessel a little before 4:30am, about 250km from the coast. Although terrorism is not being ruled out it’s more commonly suspected that the plane crashed in the sea off of Egypt. #EgyptAir and the Egyptian government have deployed search and rescue parties in the area where the last signal was received but nothing has been found yet.

My thoughts and hopes go out to the families who had a loved one on board this vessel and I hope, despite how grim it’s looking, that everyone is okay.

I’m on YouTube!


I have had this WordPress blog for a little while now and have never really used it much. I, first, thought it could be used as a good outlet to let out some creative steam on and then, moved towards using it to help promote my most recent project: “Temple Ozai”. “Temple Ozai” is the label (or branding, if you will) that I will be producing multimedia under. Right now, I am starting¬†“Temple Ozai” small, in something akin to a beta-test, on only a few outlets that offer the greatest possibility. Those being YouTube, WordPress, and Tumblr (more will come in the future as I learn more). I have slowly been spending time with each, learning as much as I can, starting with YouTube and now coming to WordPress. ¬†In circling back to WordPress I’m startled and excited to find that WordPress is both a fully stocked website as well as an extremely powerful (and highly useful) social media platform.

My time and study with Youtube has shown me a great deal about something called “search optimization”, which, is the strategic use of meta data and keywords in your media to rank higher and be seen more often in search. From what I have tested with WordPress in the last couple of days, “SEO” (or Search Engine Optimization) might be even easier and even more successful/powerful than YouTube. I’m definitely going to test this further and I hope my posts and content are able to reach many more people because of it. I enjoy meeting new people and I enjoy showing my peers my work.

This should be exciting.