BREAKING NEWS! EgyptAir Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo ‘disappears from radar’

This is a phot of the jet that went missing, carrying 66 passengers.

Upon checking the “Facebook Trending” tab this morning, I saw something that deeply saddened me.  It appears another Passenger jet has now gone missing…

… Somehow…

It was only announced about a half hour ago so much is still unknown. What is known is that the #EgyptAir Passenger plane, MS804, has disappeared from radar during it’s travel from Paris To Cairo. On board were 66 passengers.

As I type this, and am currently checking the news they have released information stating that an Egyptian Military Unit did receive a distress signal from the vessel a little before 4:30am, about 250km from the coast. Although terrorism is not being ruled out it’s more commonly suspected that the plane crashed in the sea off of Egypt. #EgyptAir and the Egyptian government have deployed search and rescue parties in the area where the last signal was received but nothing has been found yet.

My thoughts and hopes go out to the families who had a loved one on board this vessel and I hope, despite how grim it’s looking, that everyone is okay.