Ultraman ULTRA-FAN! 👍

​ have done a terrible thing… I have COMPLETELY re-hooked myself on the #Ultraman Franchise. It’s become even more enchanting than when I first discovered it, all those years ago. 
To those of you who are curious, Ultraman is a wonderful creation from Japan. Ultraman is a “Tokusatsu” (Heavy, non-CGI, Special effects) and “Super Sentai” (like the Power Rangers) series in which it features a hero, Ultraman, who, in most cases, has come from space to protect the Earth from other giant, Alien Kaiju (Giant Monsters, often a man in a rubber suit, like godzilla) who plan to destroy Earth. It’s very reminiscent of the Power Rangers to some because a hero in a suit fights off another rubber-suited monster while destroying a scale-model city, all while being aimed at children, and chalk full of morals and healthy life lessons (However, Ultraman came much, much earlier circa 1960). 
Due to the duration of time the show has aired (roughly 60 years) Ultraman has had many exciting incarnations, different forms, and nearly a new storyline, using the Ultra-Alien Species, every three years. This has left me glued to one of my various screens almost incessantly for the last week or so. I’m excited to say, I’m still not even half way through all the various versions and incarnations that exist… even after a week of watching. I’m currently watching: “Ultraman: Mebius”, “Ultraman: Orb”, and “Ultraman: Ginga”. All of which, are excellent.
As a YouTuber already… this gave me an idea. Ultraman has a very niche, very cult-like following and yet very little representation on the net. I plan to change that. I have decided to do a YouTube channel based around Ultraman and tailored for Ultra-Fans. Now, I know this won’t be for everyone… but that’s kind of the point. I want to appeal to those who are as fanatical as I; those who crave ULTRA-EVERYTHING as much as I do. 
I am very excited to begin work on this and I hope that some of you will be open-minded enough to check it out as well. Nothing is better than creating something based around something you are passionate about. I can’t wait to meet all the Ultra-Fans! 😉✌