Tonight, We Dine On Deer..


A few days ago my roomates father gave him two pounds of Deer Meat. It’s been a while since all of us (my roomate, his kids, my other roomate and myself) have sat down and had a meal together.  All of us very much enjoy deer meat so we figured this would be a perfect opportunity to do so. We are all close, a bit like a disfunctional family, but with our conflicting schedules it’s difficult for us to really get together.

Tentatively, my roomate Eric (the one cooking it), said he will be turning the deer meat into a pasta dish. It’ll be mixed with thick Spaghetti & white cheese to make a delicious, cheesy spaghetti. For a side he’ll be making a lightly toasted garlic bread.


Author: Temple Ozai

I am your enthusiastic narrator and purveyor of lunacy, Spencer; A.K.A Ozai. I am a multimedia producer of Serbian - German heritage, born here in the good ol' U.S of A. I have many hobbies and many passions. All of which, I will be sharing with you. Those assorted hobbies and passions include: 1. Anime 2. Cartoons 3. Movies 4. Collectables 5. Media 6. Technology 7. Religion 8. Vaping 9. Comics, Manga 10. Motivational Ethics & Self-Improvement 11. Travel 12. Japan 13. World Events And much, much more. All of these interests will be expressed here as well as all of the projects and adventures I am personally involved with. I hope you enjoy what is soon to follow and I hope that will join me on this amazing adventure that is life. -Spencer A.K.A Ozai

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