Sunday Vape Check:

》IPV Mini II (..An oldie but a goodie..)
》Vapeston Maganus Tank
》VapeDawgz Vaping Mafia “Bonnie” (..Sweet Blue Cotton Candy Yogurt..)

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Author: Temple Ozai

I am your enthusiastic narrator and purveyor of lunacy, Spencer; A.K.A Ozai. I am a multimedia producer of Serbian - German heritage, born here in the good ol' U.S of A. I have many hobbies and many passions. All of which, I will be sharing with you. Those assorted hobbies and passions include: 1. Anime 2. Cartoons 3. Movies 4. Collectables 5. Media 6. Technology 7. Religion 8. Vaping 9. Comics, Manga 10. Motivational Ethics & Self-Improvement 11. Travel 12. Japan 13. World Events And much, much more. All of these interests will be expressed here as well as all of the projects and adventures I am personally involved with. I hope you enjoy what is soon to follow and I hope that will join me on this amazing adventure that is life. -Spencer A.K.A Ozai

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