“The Walking Dead”… Finally


I feel ridiculous even admitting this, but I’ve never actually watched much of #thewalkingdead .

It’s somethig about hoping on-board an ongoing geek-fest turns me off. I’d usually rather just watch it later after I’ve heard all the spoilers, mostly forgotten them and then stumble across it on my own later.

Well, I’ve had season one (that I had received as a gift) for some time and today, stumbled across it again.

I am now just a bit into the first episode, after “Cowboy-Cop” Rick appears to just have woken up from a coma after getting shot by what looked to be Native American Meth-Heads. He has UST walked outside and has seen the world to be… Well… Zombie-Land.

It’s pretty good so far, I’m rather impressed. I will definitely keep watching.


Author: Temple Ozai

I am your enthusiastic narrator and purveyor of lunacy, Spencer; A.K.A Ozai. I am a multimedia producer of Serbian - German heritage, born here in the good ol' U.S of A. I have many hobbies and many passions. All of which, I will be sharing with you. Those assorted hobbies and passions include: 1. Anime 2. Cartoons 3. Movies 4. Collectables 5. Media 6. Technology 7. Religion 8. Vaping 9. Comics, Manga 10. Motivational Ethics & Self-Improvement 11. Travel 12. Japan 13. World Events And much, much more. All of these interests will be expressed here as well as all of the projects and adventures I am personally involved with. I hope you enjoy what is soon to follow and I hope that will join me on this amazing adventure that is life. -Spencer A.K.A Ozai

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